The Ottawa Black Mental Health Coalition are community associations, health sector leaders and experts concerned with the mental health and wellbeing of Black communities.

Past Events

Launch Event

OBMHC welcomes special guests to open the week, provide an OBMHC overview, and hear from community partners discussing mental health across various fields. 

Keynote Event

Join us for an in-person exposition and to hear our panel discussion featuring broad perspectives about mental health challenges and opportunities across the lifespan. 

Closing Event

This conversation will focus on creating space for growth and healing by sharing stories and uplifting performances and information. 

The Royal's Conference on Women's Mental Health

Understandably, discussions of equity and inclusivity often emphasize the difficulties, barriers and challenges faced by marginalized communities –- but what of the many achievements in self-organization, resilience, and empowerment? 

As such, Women in Mind 2022 is honoring and recognizing the self organized victories of marginalized communities as a part of intersectional practice and aims to equip attendees with better knowledge of how communities take care of one another beyond the clinical setting. 


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Mental Health of Black Communities in Canada

In response to the ongoing challenges described above, we are organizing a conference on the mental health of people from Black communities in Canada on October 26-28, 2022, to provide an opportunity for researchers, practitioners, community organizations and leaders, health care managers and people with lived experience to come together to share knowledge, experiences, innovations in assessment and intervention approaches, and expertise to address barriers and gaps in mental health care for Black people in Canada. 

The main three themes of the conference are:  

  • Social Determinants and Racial Issues Affecting the Mental Health and Well-Being of Black Individuals in Canada and Elsewhere in the West. 
  • Mental Health Promotion and Mental Illness Prevention in Black and Racialized Communities in Canada 
  • Culturally and Racially Appropriate Mental Health Innovations and Interventions for Black People in Canada. 

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Launch Event

March 1 2022

OBMHC welcomes special guests to open the week, provide an OBMHC overview, and hear from community partners’ highlighting innovation in community mental health supports.

Keynote Event

March 4 2022

Join to hear our panel discussion featuring broad perspectives centering on innovative mental health and wellness approaches specific to African, Caribbean and Black experience.

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Closing Event

March 7 2022

This conversation will focus on creating space for growth and healing for communities that foster mental wellbeing and showcase supports already available for residents in Ottawa.

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Black Mental Health Week 2021

Organized by the Ottawa Black Mental Health Coalition, the week aims to shed light upon the unique mental health challenges faced by Black communities, as well as to engage members of government, health care and the community to take actionable steps to address racism and racial discrimination.

A Call to Action

Celina Caesar Chavannes and Greg Fergus will be with us to discuss how everyone in the community can raise awareness and better support change for mental health supports for the Black community.

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The Women's Voice

Join our panel of amazing women as we discuss the experience and perspectives of women. We welcome special guests and participants to share and reflect on the mental health system and its impact on women in the community.

Celebrating Our Afro Roots: Movement for Mental Health

We welcome “Teacher Suzan,” of The Cultural Arts Studio for an event that will energize your body and soul through the art of dancing. Everyone has a story to tell through the power of movement, regardless of age, size, or disability.

Playing Together Against Racism

The performing arts have been a means of healing and change for people. Presented by students from the University of Ottawa, this musical performance will close out the week of activities.

Mental Health Has No Age Limit

Lesline McEwan is a Registered Psychotherapist who will be discussing the importance of mental health and wellness for adults and older adults. Join Lesline for this engaging and important discussion.